Tiles Laying

Wall RequirmentWall should be clean and flat, Surface should be smooth. The wall should not be Waxed / Painted

Tile PreparationMix the tiles with different cartons which help in fine blending of shades. Ample lighting should be provided. Ech boshould be spread and mixed on the floor to check for any variation mixing of tiles brings harmony to shade by avoiding obvious patches. Prior to fixing. tiles should be immersed in water for 15 / 20 minutes

Tamping ProcessTo ensure the Proper contact of tiles with the wall, evenly temp the tile, tiles should be fixed on the bed by siding & tamping with wooden or rubber mallet.Spacers between the tiles should be between 2-5mm as per the usage & area of application.Remove spacers after 24 hours from laying the tiles

Applying GroutAfter 24 Hours Of Laying of tiles, the grouting is done. Always use good quality grout. Apply the grout diagonally between the tiles using a sponge to fill the gaps between the tiles, Fill the joints with grouts as directed by Grout manufactures, Clean and wipe the surplus grout with a sponge, or as indicated by manufatures.

Curve CuttingTo fill the around the curve surface of wash basin etc. measure and mark the curve on cardboard and place te cardboard on the tile to cut it.

Round CuttingTo pass a pipe through the tile. the tile has to be cut in a specific manner. Mark it’s position on the tile. Draw a straight line passing through the center of the circle. Cut the tile on the line drawn. Cut the semi-circle on each of the half. these two halves placed togather